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Degree "Koumeizhelan" the Italian designer roberto cavalli not lose once he had Tucao karl lagerfeld, this time he directed at the American michael kors sale handbags designer michael kors, or in his own words to describe: "the world's most serious plagiarism One of the designers. "

cavalli shelling michael kors been copied

Recently, roberto cavalli in New York just cavalli Vice-line brand flagship store is located in soho area when opening an interview with style.michael kors handbags sales com interview on American designer micheal kors had some Tucao, frankly "michael kors is the world's largest copycat, I just wanted to tell him not to plagiarize me! Stop! he is the owner of copycat! "

When asked whether the United States women's dress sense is very different in Europe, roberto cavalli affirmed that "American women dressed alike," because they believe "such as michael kors designer." Then he began to fire : "(michael kors) is one of the world's most serious plagiarism designer I just want to let him stop me ... he plagiarized copy and Americans who are like michael kors he can not represent the American fashion,.!!! He just copy the global fashion to the United States. sale michael kors handbags This is not fair. "Finally someone say the truth, this time really want to thank roberto cavalli.

cavalli shelling michael kors been copied

The full draw for michael kors luxury brand design, analysts believe that it is this highly touted American light luxury consumer brands in the global economic instability and slow growth of luxury consumption environment to the rapid growth of One reason research institutions pam danziger unity marketing analyst told michael kors handbags on sale outlet Bloomberg that the United States is not affluent in the holiday quarter tends to increase consumption, since more than half of them believe the economic outlook is not optimistic. In this context, the higher cost of michael kors became the preferred alternative luxury, because luxury consumers have awakening: "You do not need to spend $ 500 to buy a michael kors bag and feel sorry, gucci louis vuitton bags or michael kors handbags outlet on sale design elements which are readily available "while" now than before the price of luxury brands high on four, five, or even ten times, the product was not good times than these high-end brands. "

Back to access content's, roberto cavalli said he is extremely sensitive to the achievements of plagiarism also just cavalli advent: "In just cavalli, I began to see people around me were copied everywhere cavalli style, then I said, 'Why do I have so much to give someone else a chance? Maybe I should start self-plagiarism'. So I started just cavalli to plagiarize myself. "